How Do I Find an Advisor?

When you declare the major, you may choose a faculty member as your advisor (perhaps someone you have already had for a course or whose area of expertise relates to your interests). If you do not select your own advisor, the department will assign one to you. If you are not certain who your advisor is, you may email our program management specialist, Morgan Dowty at Each semester during registration you must meet with your advisor to review your program, plan your courses, and check your progress toward fulfilling major and university requirements. At this time, the AMST advising form should be updated and signed by your advisor. 

Since each AMST major has a unique program, it is essential that this review occurs. You may, of course, request a meeting with your advisor for this purpose at any time. You will not be able to register for classes until you have met with your advisor and he or she has cleared you for registration. Make sure to make an advising appointment at the beginning of the advising period. American Studies classes are in high demand and often fill up quickly.

Academic Pathways: Click on this link to see an AMST four-year academic pathway as a guide in developing an individualized degree plan based on your academic preparation, interests and goals.

Note to Seniors: Be sure that you have met with your advisor to review all graduation requirements before you register for your final semester. 


When does advising begin?

Advising for the fall semester will begin in late March, and advising for spring semester begins in late October.  All majors are required to meet with an academic advisor before registering for classes.

To determine your appointed registration date/time (which is based on the number of completed credits you have), please refer to the registrar’s website. Please schedule an advising appointment that is before but close to your registration date/time.

Do you want to be well prepared for advising? Go the extra mile and review your Degree Audit!


Who do I contact if I have further questions about advising?

You can contact our program management specialist, Morgan Dowty (