Minor in Asian American Studies


To earn a minor in Asian American Studies, students must complete 18 credits of coursework.

Students are required to take the following core courses (9 credits):

  • AMST 200: What is An American? (offered every semester)
  • AMST 300: Approaches in American Studies (offered every semester)
  • AMST 375: Studies in Asian American Culture (offered every other semester and summer)

Students must select three of the following elective courses (9 credits). One course must be in AMST. See below. Up to 6 credits may be from another department or program. At least one AMST course listed below is offered each semester:

  • AMST 365: Asian American Fictions
  • AMST 464: Immigration Nation – Narratives of Immigration in the United States
  • AMST 490: Senior Seminar topic focused on Asian American cultural studies (offered every spring)

These are a few courses that may count toward the 6 credits outside the department for the AAS Minor. Consult with an AMST faculty advisor to determine which other courses from may count toward the AAS minor. Generally, courses on the topic of Asian and Asian American studies will count toward the minor.

  • ASIA/HIST 207: Asian Diasporas
  • GWST 342: Gender in Modern South Asia
  • GWST/HIST 380: Women and Gender in Asia

For more information about the Minor in Asian American Studies, please contact the Program Director, Professor Tamara Bhalla, tbhalla@umbc.edu.