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Faculty and Staff



belasco Warren Belasco
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. (History), University of Michigan
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Fine Arts 544
Teaching Areas: popular and material culture, cultural history, environmental studies
Research Interests: food, future studies, cultural history
Tamara Bhalla Tamara Bhalla
Associate Professor
Ph.D. (English Language and Literature), University of Michigan
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Fine Arts 545D
Teaching Areas: Asian American literary and cultural studies, post-1965 narratives of immigration to the United States, American identity formation, issues of contemporary American identity formation, comparative ethnic American literatures
Research Interests: South Asian American and diasporic literature and culture, Asian American literature and culture, histories of reading, Afro-Asian comparative literatures, feminist theory, reader reception theory.
Kathy Scales Bryan
Senior Lecturer
Ph.D. (American Studies), University of Maryland, College Park
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Fine Arts 541
Teaching Areas: education and cultural transmission, childhood and family, cultural and intellectual history
Research Interests: education history and policy, curriculum transformation, gender equity in education, cultural conflict and transformation, literature and society
René Esparza
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Ph.D. (American Studies), University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
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Fine Arts 542
Teaching Areas: comparative race and ethnic studies; queer of color critique; women of color feminism; LGBT history; urban politics, history, and discourses
Research Interests: gentrification; neoliberalism; homonormativity; HIV/AIDS; public health; homelessness
Nicole King
Associate Professor and Chair
Ph.D. (American Studies), University of Maryland, College Park
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Fine Arts 545B
Teaching Areas: cultural studies, public history, urban studies (Baltimore)
Research Interests: place and identity, economic development, travel and tourism, urban studies (especially Baltimore)
Patrice McDermott
Associate Professor
Ph.D. (American Studies), University of Maryland, College Park
Current Position: Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Administration 1001
Teaching Areas: 20th – 21st century cultural history, multicultural and cross-cultural studies, gender studies, identity theory, culture theory
Research Interests: discourse analysis, mass media and publishing, sociology of knowledge, contemporary social movements
Ashley Minner
Visiting Lecturer
Ph.D. [ABD] (American Studies), University of Maryland, College Park
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Fine Arts 543
Teaching Areas: folklore, cultural studies, museum scholarship and material culture, American Indian studies, community art, research methods
Research Interests: cultural studies, community studies, place and identity, thing theory, the everyday
eorser-thumb W. Edward Orser
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. (American Studies), University of New Mexico
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Fine Arts 544
Teaching Areas: community and urban studies, local history and Baltimore area, 20th – 21st century American society and culture, environmental studies
Research Interests: community studies, racial change, environment


Erin Minnigh
Administrative Assistant II
Fine Arts 545A