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Food Ethnography in the Time of Covid-19



Date & Time

May 7, 2020, 1:00 pm1:45 pm


You are cordially invited to the virtual opening of "Food Ethnography in the Time of Covid-19," a photography exhibition. In our AMST403: Food Ethnography course, UMBC  American Studies students (safely) went into the "field" to observe and analyze how food has shaped their Covid-19 experiences. 

Student projects look at issues like navigating teenage diets, growing food in home gardens, Americanization of Korean-American diets, grocery store shortages and responses, feeding pets, and food waste. The course was co-taught with New Orleans-based cultural documentarians, Fernando López and Chloe Sigal, and featured a virtual photography workshop. Students crafted independent research questions, documented their field work through photographs, and created narratives using StoryMap to showcase their work. Please join us as the students present these timely projects.

If you have questions, contact Sarah Fouts at sfouts@umbc.edu