Tamara Bhalla

Tamara BhallaTamara Bhalla is an associate professor and chair of American Studies and affiliate faculty in the Asian Studies program. Professor Bhalla’s research focuses on the social, cultural, and community-building uses and values of multiethnic literatures. Other research interests include Asian American and South Asian American literary and cultural studies, Afro-Asian feminisms, ethnic American reading communities, and literary reception.

Professor Bhalla teaches both introductory and upper-level core courses in the American Studies department on Asian American literature and culture, multiethnic literatures and cultures, and post-1965 narratives of immigration to the United States. She received her PhD in English Language and Literature from the University of Michigan.

Selected Publications
  • AMST 200: What Is an American?
  • AMST 365: Asian American Fictions
  • AMST 375: Studies in Asian American Culture
  • AMST 464: Immigration Nations: Examining Narratives of Immigration to the US
  • AMST 490: Senior Seminar