Department Honors

The honors program offers an additional opportunity for in-depth study. As an honors student, you will work closely with faculty in a 2-semester, 4-credit course sequence of study that leads to a B.A. with Departmental Honors in American Studies.

In the first semester of our departmental honors program students will sign up for a 1-credit course: AMST 495. This course will be taken concurrently with the regular senior seminar (AMST 490). In AMST 495, students will gain an intensive grounding in many theoretical approaches in American cultural studies. In addition to fulfilling all of the requirements of the regular senior seminar (AMST 490) students will make significant research progress toward their final honors thesis. AMST 495 will prepare you to expand upon your project for the 3-credit 496 independent study seminar.

In the second semester, honors students will enroll in AMST 496, a 3-credit independent study course. We recommend that the student completes AMST 496 in the consecutive semester after AMST 490/495, but we will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis. The course will be guided by a faculty advisor best-suited to advise your honor’s research topic. Students must approach and meet with the faculty member to secure the faculty member’s support as advisor and get permission to register for AMST 496.

Students undertaking the honors sequence are encouraged to present their research at Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD) during the spring semester.

To be admitted, you must (a) demonstrate academic achievement; (b) complete AMST 100 or AMST 200 and AMST 301 before starting the Honors Program; (c ) submit a proposed topic for the research project OR your literature review/research proposal from AMST 301; and (d) submit an electronic copy of your best paper in an AMST class. Academic achievement is typically demonstrated by maintaining a 3.5 GPA in AMST courses and a high GPA overall. However, a different mix of qualifications and other indicators of academic achievement may also be considered.